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Super Junior Super Mart! Part 2

Okay, I know I'm talking a lot about Super Junior, but as I said they are my favorite Korean group and I think that with their size taken into account, and a lot of the issues that surround the fandom, it's important to really let any new fans know these things. Sorry to my Korean friends, but the SuJu fandom has led me to conclude two things about fandom that, granted exists else where, but is so much more true when it concerns SuJu.

1. Fangirls are insane, omg it's not even funny.
2. Giving fangirls any sort of power is so wrong. So. So, so wrong.

Today I'm going to talk mostly about the Super Junior 13 campaign and how I think it's a load of bull shit. :) If you happen to be a supporter of Only13 either keep reading with an open mind to your cause's crazy or get the fuck out. Not gonna lie, I hate that this is such a big issue and I'll explain why first and foremost.

Highly inspired by the rotational concept of Japan's girl group Morning Musume, this group [Super Junior] would also experience line-up changes, with new members replacing some selected members every year to keep the group constantly young and all-rounded.

This was the basis of why Super Junior was so large, the above line is sourced from wikipedia and has been there long enough that I intentionally looked for it to be part of this post. :D Let's keep this in mind as we continue, alright? Okay, now let's start at the beginning.

Super Junior 05 and Super Junior

Oh yeah. ;D
Alright, I touched very, very briefly on the fact that Super Junior began as a 12 person group. I want to apologize, in my previous post I had mentioned that Ryeowook was the 13th member and this isn't true. For reasons unknown I went blank and forgot that Kyuhyun is indeed the 13th and youngest member. Anyways! The 12 member Super Junior debuted around the end of 2005, which I will assume is why they where called Super Junior 05...

In 2006, SM Entertainment added Kyuhyun to the group. I was unfortunately not a fan at the time, but I often hear this decision was met with much protest from the fans, so really quickly reference that nice quote a few paragraphs up? What was Super Junior meant to be? S'okay it's been five years now and people have gotten over Kyuhyun. After his addition, they dropped the 05 and became, simply, Super Junior.

Only 13 Compaign

This issue is all about Henry and Zhou Mi... um, it's hard for me to explain why this is such a big deal to some people, but apparently there is a large group of people that hate change way more than they love Super Junior. That's the only way I can figure this one out, I'm sorry. Again I'm going to copy paste from wikipedia, because it's much easier and possibly less sarcastic...

After the first announcement of Super Junior-M on October 2, 2007, and the possibility of adding a non-Super Junior member, Henry, to this unit, Super Junior fans immediately voiced out their dissatisfaction and opposition. Immediately, a website was built, called "Only 13", to oppose against SM Entertainment's actions. Through the website, fans of Super Junior communicate and plan out protesting actions against the company. Before legal protests began, many online petitions were made by both Korean and Chinese fans to prevent and convince the label to not add a fourteenth member. Initially fans were planning to boycott the company's products, similar to the actions taken by fans of TVXQ in the past. However, most fans agreed on a silent protest instead. On October 21, 2007 and throughout the week, over 400 fans from Super Junior's official fanclub, E.L.F, silently sat in front of the SM building and held signs that supported the group to have only thirteen members. Situations became worse when SM Entertainment announced through the media that they never stated that Super Junior was a fixed group, although the label announced that Super Junior was a permanent group when Kyuhyun was added to the group in mid-2006. Thousands of fans wrote letters to the company and pleaded them to keep the group permanent, but no answer was returned.

Over one thousand more fans appeared in front of the SM building on E.L.F's third protest on November 3, 2007. Instead of a silent protest, the fans sang various Super Junior songs and shouted "thirteen." Although SM Entertainment's answer to the fans' protest stated that new members in Super Junior-M will not be added to the official group and thus will not affect Super Junior's main career, many fans still held the belief that there will be this possibility of seeing new official Super Junior members in the future.

After more rumors leaked of SM Entertainment sneaking in an extra non-Super Junior member, Zhou Mi, to the subgroup, the fans decided to gain this chance to have a legal representation as part of SM Entertainment's stockholders. As of March 20, 2008, Super Junior fans from all over the world purchased 58,206 stocks of SM Entertainment, holding 0.3% of the company's entire stock. They released a statement through the media, stating that they will obtain all chances to prevent SM Entertainment from adding new members and to keep Super Junior as only thirteen.

You can really take that any way you want... but I want people to please look at this and still think of what Super Junior was supposed to be. Personally, I love Henry and Zhou Mi. I wish that Only13 supporters would leave them alone. I've heard many times that people have tripped Henry, thrown things at him, and chanted 'Only 13' while he performed on stage. I'll admit, I don't look into Zhou Mi nearly as much, but I'm sure that he also had several of his own difficulties.

I really wanted to emphasis this point because I know some of you don't really know know Super Junior, and of course there are a lot of stories to them (more information can be found in this video series, and the maker's individual member guides), but this one always stuck a major cord with me because I was such a Henry fan before I even knew who Henry was. I loved his violin part in Don't Don, hell it's the only reason I love that song, and I thought this issue was just completely insane. To go so far as to organize and buy stock in a company...

I will now sum up this entry in one image. Behold!

I apologize for the ungodly length of this entry, now comes the lj-cut. Unfortunately it didn't cover the previous crap load of writing. For those that want to learn the names of the Super Junior members and/or how to recognize them, I have found some videos to help you!

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Super Junior Super Mart!

Super Junior had thirteen official members and two unofficial ones because some fans seem to hate adding new people. Some have left within the last year or so, but I am still going to present them as the full group. I apologize if this image is a bit large, but it shows all their names and that's kind of helpful.

Offical Members

Unofficial Members

Zhou Mi and Henry Lau

They were, and probably still are, the largest boy band in the world despite their missing members. I really love this group, they're entertaining as hell and they all have very different personalities. Heechul, Siwon, and Leetuek (Shiwon and Eeteuk on the image) are my favorites. I also like Yesung, Hangeng and Henry (Hangeng left SuJu around the end of 2009, beginning of 2010, he's now a solo artist in China). Sungmin tends to be a lot of people's favorite, as well as Donghae and Ryeowook (the latter being the youngest member).

Below is some of their music. In no particular order.

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Super Junior has a number of sub-groups, where members split up into smaller teams and produce music. I'm only going to post the most well known songs from each group because there are quite a few.

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Today I'm gonna ramble on and on.

I wanna flail about the GazettE today. See, a pretty awesome thing was posted on their site recently. It showed up on my f-list with various squeals of joy. It was an announcement saying that from know on the GazettE will be placing their attention on spreading overseas.

Dance time!

Okay, now that that's out of our system, I'm going to celebrate by posting an unhealthy amount of video spam. \o/ Because, that's what I do these days... They are in no particular order because I nearly killed my laptop opening 10+ videos at once. Yay me! ;D

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The last one was the first the GazettE video I ever watched. =w=
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From Eden-chan.

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands etc. that you love now or loved at some time in your life.
2. Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item/band.
3. When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character/member next to it.

1. BIG BANG (This is a tie.) - G-Dragon and T.O.P
2. the GazettE - Ruki
3. Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy
4. Witch Hunter Robin
5. Digimon (LOL Yeah... X3 This is a three-way tie.)
6. Sailor Moon
7. Princess TuTu
8. Good Omens - Crowley
9. Cardcaptor Sakura
10. Merry - Nero
11. Super Junior (This is a tie.) - Heechul and Siwon
12. Beyblade (Yes, I liked the stupid Anime shows. This is a tie.)
13. Tokio Hotel - Bill
14. Dir en Grey - Kyo
15. Big Bang Theory - Sheldon
16. CSI:Miami - Horatio Caine
17. House M.D. - House
18. Death Note - L
19. KAT-TUN - Ueda Tatsuya
20. Utena - The Adolescence of Utena
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