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17 Februar 2011 @ 07:19
Today I'm gonna ramble on and on.  
I wanna flail about the GazettE today. See, a pretty awesome thing was posted on their site recently. It showed up on my f-list with various squeals of joy. It was an announcement saying that from know on the GazettE will be placing their attention on spreading overseas.

Dance time!

Okay, now that that's out of our system, I'm going to celebrate by posting an unhealthy amount of video spam. \o/ Because, that's what I do these days... They are in no particular order because I nearly killed my laptop opening 10+ videos at once. Yay me! ;D

The last one was the first the GazettE video I ever watched. =w=
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Guerilla-Pfannkuchen.: ruki singingmessiah_noire on 17. Februar 2011 13:44 (UTC)
I'd love to see the GazettE in concert again; their shows are just breath taking.
I remember me and my friend hugging and crying silently when they played Cassis. <3
thin_lipid: 清春;;butterflythin_lipid on 17. Februar 2011 13:52 (UTC)
I've only ever watched the live shows online.

It seems like everyone cries to Cassis.
Guerilla-Pfannkuchen.: ruki singingmessiah_noire on 17. Februar 2011 14:11 (UTC)
We were just lucky because they played in Berlin in 2007 and I live sort of close to it. (Well, like 160km away, but what's 160km when you can see the GazettE?! XD And I've travelled farther to see some lovely Japanese guys anyway. LOL)

It's just such a beautiful song. ^^'
❤ Jessica ❤: Avatartron_world on 19. Februar 2011 05:56 (UTC)