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Super Junior Super Mart!

Super Junior had thirteen official members and two unofficial ones because some fans seem to hate adding new people. Some have left within the last year or so, but I am still going to present them as the full group. I apologize if this image is a bit large, but it shows all their names and that's kind of helpful.

Offical Members

Unofficial Members

Zhou Mi and Henry Lau

They were, and probably still are, the largest boy band in the world despite their missing members. I really love this group, they're entertaining as hell and they all have very different personalities. Heechul, Siwon, and Leetuek (Shiwon and Eeteuk on the image) are my favorites. I also like Yesung, Hangeng and Henry (Hangeng left SuJu around the end of 2009, beginning of 2010, he's now a solo artist in China). Sungmin tends to be a lot of people's favorite, as well as Donghae and Ryeowook (the latter being the youngest member).

Below is some of their music. In no particular order.

This is done on the set of their movie, Attack on the Pin Up Boys.
They're also dressed in their outfits from the movie.
They use their names in the movie so it's a good way to learn them all.

I think this was the first video they did with all 13 members. Ryeowook's debut.
Twins was before Ryeowook was added as well as before Super Junior 05 was shortened to simply Super Junior.

This is the first appearance of Henry, he plays the violin in this video.
And yes, he can do this part live exactly as it is in the video.

I don't like this song! XD;;

This is a promotional video for the World Cup soccer, I think?
Other groups made similar commercials or videos.

There's a sequel video to this, it's call Sorry, Sorry ANSWER.

This video is after Hangeng left, I think. Also, other members are missing.

Also after Hangeng left, and again a number of the members are missing from the video.

Super Junior has a number of sub-groups, where members split up into smaller teams and produce music. I'm only going to post the most well known songs from each group because there are quite a few.

Super Junior Trot

Super Junior HAPPY

I'm pretty sure this video features SNSD as well.

Super Junior KRY

Super Junior M

This group sings in Chinese.
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